Ciren Belles

Ciren Belles
Ciren Belles, the recently-launched women’s group in the town, welcomed their first speaker at their January meeting.  Hannah Maundrell, Editor in Chief of money.co.uk which is based at The Castle at Cecily Hill, was truly inspiring. She told how a book about saying yes to the opportunities that come our way prompted her to apply for the job that lead her to Cirencester and a successful career in price comparisons and money advice. 

Getting some money saving tips, Ciren Belles.

Engaging and warm, Hannah’s story of making the most of life, even when something  feels daunting and out of your comfort zone, has lead her where she is now – overseeing all of money.co.uk‘s editorial, content and communications, and make regular appearances in  the national media.   Much of what Hannah said really resonated with the ladies there – and she even gave us a few welcome money-saving tips, as well.
We really look forward to our next speaker on February 16, who is Corinne Lamus, Chair of Abbey 900.  Corinne will be telling us about why celebrating the founding of the Augustinian Abbey nice centuries ago matters to Cirencester today, and what has motivated her to be such a key part of the year-long festival in the town.

Ciren Belles is open women of all ages and backgrounds in Cirencester.  It is a chance to get together once a month to meet with each other, grow friendships and hear speakers or enjoy informal social events.  Meetings are every third
 Thursday upstairs at Somewhere Else, with a 7.30 for 8pm start.  For further information, contact Rev Katie Richardson (revkatie@cirenparish.co.uk) or Vikki O’Keeffe (vikki.okeeffee@gmail.com) or ring 01285 650317.

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