FEBRUARY by Virginia Stourton, Rekindle

FEBRUARY by Virginia Stourton, Rekindle

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What’s to say about February?

2017 does not give us a Leap Year but of course there is Valentine’s Day. So who is going to be your Valentine?

I expect some of you will say ‘have been there and done that’ some will say it with joy and some with disappointment.

Valentine’s Day is actually the Feast of two Saints of the same name who were martyred in Rome in c270

There is no connection to the way we celebrate except perhaps the expression Eat your Heart out (my interpretation!)

So what do I want from February and indeed 2017?

I am not banking on someone sending me their heart and although sometimes in business one can feel a bit of a martyr I am not letting that dash my hopes either.

I think what I want is to succeed at something enduring.

In a hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank balance was. The sort of house I lived in or the kind of car I drove, but the world maybe a different place because I left a business for a future generation or I was important in the life of a child.

So with that in mind I shall endeavour to:

Work diligently.

Win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of children.

Earn the approbation of honest critics.

Endure the betrayal of false friends.

Find the best in others.

Give of myself.

Leave the world a better place whether by a healthy child, a garden path or a good business.

Play and laugh with enthusiasm.

Sing with exultation because the world is, despite everything, still a wondrous place of opportunities.
If I can do justice to my aims then this I will call To Succeed.

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