Watershed RDA at Coates


I confess to having borrowed this headline from a therapeutic equestrian centre in the USA which is run by a distant cousin of mine. They are using it to head up their capital campaign to raise funds improve their facilities. So why have I borrowed it? Well we are also launching a capital campaign to raise the money to build our new mess room.

Where are we with our new mess room? We have now signed the new 25 year lease with the Diocese of Gloucester; this is significant as it gives us a secure future and a basis on which to raise money from grant giving bodies. We are grateful to Earl Bathurst, Bishop Robert Springett, Benjamin Preece-Smith and Tanners Solicitors for their help in securing the lease. Thanks to all for their perseverance. We have received competitive tenders and now know what our target is for fundraising. The total cost of the project is in the region of £110k and we have raised £25k already. Our plan is to stage the work so that we make a start during the Easter holiday and do the main works in the summer holiday. This will enable us to complete the building with the minimum of disruption to our riding schedule.

So this year will be an exciting one which will see us finally getting what we don’t have – a dry facility with disabled toilet, kitchen area, utilities independent from the Rectory and a changing room. What a change that will make to the quality of our riders’ experience; you can see what we have to cope with at the moment in the pictures below!

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