CrossFit Open 2017 – Cirencester Sees Outstanding Results

Katie and David: Dominating rankings

CrossFit Cirencester has been enjoying 17.1, a special workout for the first week of the CrossFit Open. This workout has been quite the challenge! To see the standards for the gruelling workout click here.
With 75 burpees combined with a box jump inbetween, it would be bad enough! But these burpee box jump overs are punctuated with 150 single arm dumbbell snatches. For the official “RX” version, this means lifting a 25kg dumbbell from the floor over your head up to 50 times in a row for men, with a 10kg version for women!

All of this had to be completed in 20 minutes. Considering some people workout at 5.30am that is quite a tough workout. Follow the open in Cirencester on www.facebook.com/CrossFitCirencester/ to see how the local athletes do! A new workout is announced every Thursday for the next four weeks and people will be tested to their limits!

Katie Holder completed her workout in 15:08 and was placed 13th in UK and 36th in Europe for her age category. Box boss David Long got 12:40 to get 10th place in the UK and 95th in the world.

Of course, like all things at CrossFit, the workouts can be scaled to your personal abilities. That is exemplified by some people in their 80s and 90s taking part around the world!

Check in next week for an update.

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