Get Some Yogercise at Elite!

Open up to yoga!

Yoga at Elite with Eunice and Nafia…
Evan of Ciren Scene checked out classes by both teachers at Elite. Welcoming and fun, do not hesitate to take the plunge!
Some tough workouts can lead to the need for active recovery, and yoga instructors at Elite Eunice and Nafia certainly provide that opportunity! Three hour long lessons a week give the chance to all comers to enjoy a stimulating yet relaxing session. I tried out with both teachers and found their classes to be enjoyable and rewarding. Everyone was given the chance to scale their stance to a more complicated or easier version.

Nafia’s blankets were a welcome touch to many at the end of the

session, allowing them to think about their eagle pose! I enjoyed Eunice’s approach too, we learned a combination of moves and everyone in the class managed to repeat them under their own steam a couple of times. This means no one has an excuse not to use it at home! You can book in advance online here or get in touch with Mac on 01285 239 283 for these £10 lessons.

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