Ginastica Natural in Full Swing at Gracie Barra Gloucester

Try at home: 1. From sitting on right hip

Ginastica Natural classes are in full swing at Gracie Barra Gloucester. At 13:00 on Tuesdays, this exciting class allows people of all ages to hone gymnastic ability like rolling, crawling and cart wheeling in a safe environment. With movements and breathing techniques found in Hatha yoga, Ginsastica Natural was developed to enhance the abilities of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu practitioners. But like Tai Chi can have a martial or meditational use, Ginastica natural can work towards whatever goal the practioner desires.
2. Slide onto both hips

The fierce martial art of BJJ relies on being able to turn on a penny in a split second using unusual points of contact like an elbow, shoulder or hip bone! This is all the while under duress from an opponent. Training too hard can lead to overuse or bad technique in certain muscles, where total body movement isn’t utilised. Being able to use the kinetic chain properly is the focus of Ginastica Natural, where the exercises are

3. On both hips move weight onto left hip

done with body weight and no equipment. This transfers very well to competitive fighting, where stabiliser muscles and tendons must move in all planes of motion.

Coach Gonçalo Gomes only uses body weight training due to this aspect. “If you look at a bench press, you go in one direction. You’re only strong in that direction!”

4. Slide through and end up as mirror image
Where in some techniques, a forward roll will take up a large amount of space, Ginastica Natural teaches ways to move where you can roll and return to your beginning position. Great for back flexibility and hip mobility, Ginastica Natural was even used to help Ronaldo get match fit for the 2002 World Cup.


Goncalo has a history of training Muay Thai, Eskrima Kali

and Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. With all these disciplines, Ginastica Natural was something that enhanced his endurance and ability. Find out more by contacting https://www.facebook.com/GracieBarraGloucester/or call 07973 740295.

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