Can Your Building Help? New Street Layout Brings out Charity’s Ingenuity

Still open despite a lot of ongoing work!

When Helping People in Need Gets Tough
Sue Ryder Cirencester has been affected first hand by the new town centre layout. Developments meant a real drop in donations. People simply didn’t park outside the shop to drop things off anymore. The classy boutique specialising in high quality previously loved items, is well known for representing those who need palliative care after terminal diagnosis. Now they have found a great way to boost donations.

Donation Stations

If you can’t change something you have to work around it, and Sue Ryder decided this was their best course of action. They have set up Donation Stations at three large businesses in Cirencester. St James Place, Kallidus and Piller. These stations allow staff to synergise their giving with their work timetable. They simply bring donations to work and leave them at the station.

If you are in a large business or frequently used building (gym, school etc) perhaps you could help set up a Sue Ryder Donation Station there?

If you want to set up a donation station, contact Evan@cirencester-scene.co.uk so we can cover your generous contribution!

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