Ciren Judo Starts Yellow Belt Challenge for Eligible 11-25 Year Olds

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Cirencester Judo Club, which has been going since the 70s, has taken on the Yellow Belt Challenge! This allows people from 11-25 whose parents or themselves are in receipt of financial aid to take part in sport and exercise. The Yellow Belt Challenge helps fund eligible people up to yellow belt, which is the third belt in the Judo ranking.

The benefits of judo are multiple. It boosts an individuals quality of social life, health and self defence. Break falls (learning to roll or land safely), trips, throws, joint locks and chokes are all learned in this sport. Though it may sound brutal, these techniques are used in a way that has

been proven to reduce injury.

A shrimping drill, how to move along the floor quickly.

Introduced by Jigoro Kano in Japan, everyone on the side line of grappling training was asked which technique had injured them. Through this process of deduction, it was discovered which techniques were the safest and thus easiest to practice. This

Kano, who founded Judo.

meant Judo practitioners had the edge over those who knew nastier techniques, but couldn’t practice them. It resulted in a contest for the Kyoto Police to decide which martial art to teach it’s officers. The Kodokan judo team dominated the other ju jutsu teams because they were so well practiced.

The benefit of Judo is recognised all over the world, but practioners, great individuals and institutions such as universities. President Theodore Roosevelt was so taken by judo, he took 6 months of private lessons from one of Kano’s emissaries.

To enjoy your first judo lesson, contact CirenJudo@outlook.com

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