21 Days to Invigorate Your Health

21 Days is not so long to change
your eating and training habits.

Elite Health & Fitness Can Help You in 21 Days

Hi, I’m Mac!

Today, I’m a nutritionist who helps people kick sugar and carb cravings! Believe it or not I have been in your shoes.

For years, I struggled with these cravings. Spikes and crashes left me not only cranky, but also reaching for more sugar. After a big fitness event this left me very unwell, with an “unexplained” gut problem.

I know your struggle. I also know it doesn’t have to be so hard!

Through years of study, hundreds of 1:1 clients in Cirencester and the surrounding areas, I have a solution! It is the 21-Day New You Kickstart Programme. I know it can help you break that sugar hold!

What can I expect?
Many people have reported the following improvements and changes:

Weight Loss – typically about 8-10lbs
Reduced body fat – 2-4%
Reduced Acid Reflux – GERD
Reduced IBS/IBD symptoms
Reduced or eliminated tummy bloating

I could go on, but I’ll let clients say it for me!:

CLICK HEREhttps://goo.gl/ccwXdo

What exactly is the 21-Day New You Kick-start (21DNY)?

The 21DNY is a proven, whole-foods based program designed to help you banish sugar, carb cravings and to get results. The programme includes a complete pack detailing all the included foods! Included are information, recipes, exercises and more to help you along the way. 21DNY will let you see and feel the benefits of the program.

Is there exercise involved?
YES! – There are two 21DNY programmes – HOME version and STUDIO version. We will require you to workout 4 times weekly. All exercise plans are given via video. With the HOME version – your exercises are in the online portal and delivered to you by email every night and only last for 20 minutes. With the STUDIO version, you receive training in our bespoke studio for two sessions. The remaining exercise sessions are accessible by email and the online portal. 

What kinds of foods will I be eating on the 21DNY?

You will be eating real, whole, nutrient-dense foods on the program. Say goodbye to processed foods! Whilst you’ll get your hands dirty in the kitchen, you also get tips for managing eating out, travelling, and navigating modern life. Enjoy the 21DNY recipes in the online portal!

Will I need to purchase special foods or supplements to complete the program?
There are no special foods or supplements! In the program, you’ll find recommendations, but they are not required. They might suit you, so we do recommend reviewing the options!


Is the 21DNY for all diets?
No! The 21DNY programme is most compatible with people following a paleo or primal diet.

Real people train at Elite!

Is The 21-Day Sugar Detox appropriate if I follow a strictly gluten-free diet?
Yes! This program is 100% gluten-free. It’s also soy-free, corn-free, peanut-free, dairy-free and overall very allergen-free.
Is The 21-Day Sugar Detox safe if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?
Yes! Pregnant and breastfeeding mums may require modifications, make us aware!
Is 21DNY programme safe if I am seriously into sports?
Yes! If you exercise/work out/train with moderate to high intensity 3 or more times a week you will find this programme will enhance your performance.
Is the 21DNY family-friendly/safe for children and teens?
Yes! Families can even complete the program together.
Is the 21DNY safe for diabetics?
Yes! The 21DNY is a whole-foods based program, and safe for anyone. That said, if under medical care, insulin dependent, or taking blood sugar medications, we recommend that you consult your doctor! Doses may need to be adjusted so this is important. This programme will make a significant change in your insulin management.

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