Remembering with Virginia Stourton of Rekindle

by Virginia Stourton
How many of my kind readers remember my Train stories?

Train stories. What train stories? You are forgiven!

The truth is most of us remember selectively and these selections unless they have the portent to change our lives have little real impact.

How many of us can say the names of the newsreaders we so often look at? Yes, we know their faces and we remember the news but when it comes to names your guess is as likely to be as good as mine.

Well my Train still has a story to tell. It has gone beyond chugging and indeed steaming along because it has been electrified!

A massive step forward and one to be proud of but with this advance came some challenges!

My train has been learning some salutary lessons because as it grew so did the arena of competition it entered.

There was even a real possibility of it being side-lined and the thought of ending in a siding made my train blow it’s whistle on a few obvious mistakes as it just was not going to remain up a junction!

Growth is exciting but like keeping a climbing plant in check it must be controlled.

My Train had become so big it was using main lines. However, it soon discovered it was not quite fit to do so.

When this happens, it is precarious to simply carry on. It requires taking a step backwards by thinking the operation through again.

This does not mean coming off the line but such adjustments need to be done prudently with minimum advertising. We all know how folk can chat about other’s problems probably for no better reason than it lightens the burden of their own!

Let’s look at Small is Beautiful In other words go back to basics to remind my Train how it started and how good the idea was.

We have all heard of a baby being referred to as beautiful but I myself have rarely heard that expression applied to teenagers however I have heard it applied to older people referring to their wise maturity.

So, what is it that takes a situation whether a person or a business or my Train into respected maturity?

It is turning mistakes and setbacks into valuable experience and delivering to the best of one’s ability having primarily gauged customers’ needs.

LISTEN and SILENT carry the same letters!

Next time, stay with me, we will see how my Train did it!
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