Christian Reilly Review at the Stable Bar

Christian Reilly
Christian Reilly popped in to Cirencester in an almost out of the blue manner, if people didn’t know how local promoter Dani Rastelli has been bringing big names to the area for years. Christian is a well known pro who has excelled at using his guitar to aide, and not distract from his comedy! So many times adding a tool to the mix doesn’t help comedians. Christian Reilly has found a way to be musically good at the guitar and yet not do it in a way that loses the audience. It’s refreshing as many people who use an instrument in comedy do it badly. Christian has managed to find himself on the right side of Andy Kaufman in making his music both good, quirky and funny.

The fact this was a free entry show was incredible, and the reason for it was because the set was being polished for an intensive Edinburgh run this August. The audience certainly appreciated getting a sneak peak. You can always tell when an audience is won over, because Christian’s mistakes went down better than some comedian’s best material. Songs referenced included Van Halen and Billy Joel. A country pastiche on Johnny Cash’s “Boy Named Sue” went down particularly well.

If you do happen to be in Edinburgh for the festival, make sure you find Christian! But you don’t have to travel 600 miles to see him. Upcoming dates can be found on https://christreilly.com/gigs/

Luckily for Cirencester, this isn’t the only Edinburgh preview. At the same venue you can see Milo McCabe on the 29thJune. To find out more details visit this link.

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