Chedworth Players Merchant of Venice Review

Local talent got great response.

The Merchant of Venice is a strangely disturbing play to watch these days, with the strong anti-semitism applauded by the Christian ‘Goodies’. I must admit, by the end I was all for Shylock getting his pound of flesh! Especially as it was to be from the particularly smug and self-righteous Antonio, who totally dismissed Shylock’s logical point that the Christians kept slaves at the time, which they considered as mere possessions, to do what they will.

The audience had a great time.
The al fresco production was by the Chedworth Players, in the lovely setting of Chedworth Manor gardens, which they used to great effect.

The play opened with a range of beautiful and unfamiliar vocals from Rowena Wakefield, playing Shylock’s daughter Jessica. They were quite amazing.

There were a lot of good actors in this performance. In particular the part of Shylock, by director Ross Aldridge was played superbly. Notable also was Portia, the female lead, played with brilliant timing and wit by Katy Sirr.

Well done to all for this sell out show!

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