Fresh Air Exhibition Review 2017

Statue: Waterbath by Carol Peace. Photo
by Carlo Vuolo

Fresh Air is a biennial event with 2017 seeing some amazing weather!
We recently paid a visit to this outdoor exhibition on the HOTTEST day recorded in June for many a year! This was my third trip to FRESH AIR, which is open every second year.

Over 25 years it has evolved from representing traditional outdoor sculpture to reflect a much more contemporary and vibrant genre. Today it has built up an enviable reputation for quality, diversity and popularity as one of the UK’s leading outdoor contemporary sculpture shows, and takes place at Quenington Old Rectory.

It’s in a beautiful setting, with the River Coln running through the 5-acre garden surrounding the listed Cotswold Rectory. 88 artists are showing their latest work, of which over 30 are new to FRESH AIR. Prices of the work range from £50-£50,000.

As we frazzled in the heat, we wandered around the gardens examining the exhibits. As is usual there were one or two questionables, such as a flat plastic puddle, looking like an empty mat awaiting a sculpture, hoping someone would be mad enough to cough up £5,000 for the honour! Presumably a joke. However there were also some lovely exhibits like the Waterbath (pictured) and a magnificent mirrored wheel whose reflections blended into its surroundings. This created ever changing artistic masterpieces.

To keep up to date with Fresh Air news, keep an eye on www.freshairsculpture.com

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