Corinium Radio Plays the Phoenix Festival

Moses Hardwick RADA (left) with players from
Midsummer Dream

Volunteers at Cirencester’s Corinium Radio are busy preparing for their appearance at the town’s Phoenix Festival at the end of August.

No, not as a band! In fact Cirencester’s community radio station is bringing Shakespeare to our flagship festival. “Midsummer Dream’ will be presented in the arena in the Abbey Grounds. It is an adaptation and shortened version of the bard’s masterpiece “A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, so we shortened the title too.

A group of young actors have come together especially for the event. Auditions were conducted by RADA trained actor Moses Hardwick, who has adapted the play and has joined with the radio station to present it to the town. The cast will have free guidance from Moses, who worked with Corinium Radio on a previous radio play project, which was a great success.

Moses is passionate about doing the play and feels it has stories to tell on many levels. He explained that those he auditioned were a ‘mixed bag’ including trained actors and people with professional experience. “That’s what the community is”, Moses said.

CR spokesman Tony Coleman, added, “Moses is passionate about community and about the problems facing the funding of the arts and culture in this country.”

And Corinium Radio chair Carole Boydell said, “Corinium Radio is at the heart of the local community and sees this project as a really exciting creative adventure. We thought giving local people the opportunity of getting some free training with Moses and then putting on a performance was a really good idea and hope to see lots of people enjoying it.”

Midsummer Dream is on Sunday August 27th at 12.30pm.

Corinium Radio will also be undertaking broadcasting duties for the Phoenix.

If anyone feels able to play a part in running Cirencester’s own radio station, contact Carole Boydell on 07776 144033.

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