Cat Friendly Vet Clinics – What is all that about? with Corinium Vets

A local name for a local vet.

The whole process of taking a cat to a veterinary surgery can be highly stressful …

From simply catching a cat to put it in a basket, through to transporting the cat in the car, waiting in the veterinary clinic (often alongside dogs), being examined in the clinic, and sometimes having to be hospitalised. All these aspects can be difficult, stressful and challenging both for the cat, and also for cat owners. However, it does not have to be like that! Simple changes can make a huge difference and, while it may be impossible to alleviate all sources of stress, with the right approach, with empathetic handling and with appropriate facilities, much can be done to improve the experience for cats.

This is why the International Society of Feline Medicine has developed the ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic programme. If veterinary clinics have made significant differences in their approach and facilities for cats, they can become accredited under the ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic programme at bronze, silver or gold level.

Hip hip hurray to Corinium Veterinary Surgery who have just been accredited with the ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic Award at Silver Level!

To win this award we had to demonstrate that we are fulfilling a detailed list of criteria, and most importantly that all our staff have the right attitude and approach to handling and dealing with cats in the clinic, and certain equipment and standards (eg, cage sizes) are implemented.

By taking your cat to an accredited Cat Friendly Clinic such as Corinium Veterinary Surgery in Cirencester, you will know that you are doing all that you can to help make your cat’s experience as pleasant and stress free as possible when they need to go to the vets. We also run a Cat only clinic on Wednesday Mornings.

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