Steve Gawthorpe Grappling Masterclass at Cirencester Judo Club

Experience a zero gravity moment with Ciren Judo Club!
On Oct 8th Cirencester will host a masterclass by Steve Gawthorpe, who went to the Olympics and medalled in a large amount of international Judo contests. Known for his arm bar, Steve would routinely win judo matches on the floor with a submission rather than wait the 30 seconds it would take for a win by pin.

Steve’s ability was well documented in the 1988 British Opens, where he won the first four matches by arm bar before he took Gold in the final. A litany of fluid and untelegraphed take downs demonstrated the spirit of judo, with efficient movement at the core of its ethos.

Catching the arm
Due to Steve’s ability grappling on the ground, he has frequently had people from other martial arts show interest in what he has to teach. This event is open to everyone but a solid background in grappling will give the most reward for what is being taught. This is a unique donation based event, where you choose what you give.

The event will be from 12:00 to 16:00 with a break, to book your place in the event (mat space is limited) contact evan@cirencester-scene.co.uk or contact the Cirencester Judo Club facebook page here.

In the meantime you can watch some of Steve’s instructionals on Youtube here!

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