Evening Courses at Foodworks Cookery School by Carlo Vuolo

Yum yum, samosas can be homemade!

Evening courses at Foodworks Cookery School By Carlo Vuolo

Foodworks Cookery School in Colesbourne run day and evening courses covering a wide variety of cuisines from around the world. I went along to an Asian Street Food evening course presented by professional chef Erin Baker. To get us in the mood Erin cooked the course participants a bowl of delicious Pad Thai, which was enjoyed with a glass of wine. Then it was our turn, and as a group we prepared and made a variety of vegetarian dishes, including samosas with a lime and coriander chutney, Vietnamese spring rolls with a lime and chilli dipping sauce, Malaysian mushroom and aubergine satay, and Gyoza or Japanese dumplings with a soy and ginger dipping sauce.

Under Erin’s guidance, we all succeeded in folding the samosas, rolling the spring rolls and crimping shut the Japanese dumplings without any of the fillings escaping. Satays were grilled, sauces were mixed and samosas and dumplings deep fried (the spring rolls did not require cooking) before we sat down to enjoy the results. The flavours were delicate and not at all overpowering, and only the chutney was hot, as we had encouraged Erin to use two green chillies against her better judgement, but this complimented the samosas perfectly.

These two and a half hour courses, covering styles of cookery including Lebanese, Moroccan, Thai, tapas and curries, are excellent value and all the recipes are provided following the course so that dishes can be practiced and perfected at home.

For more information contact Foodworks Cookery School on 01242 870538 or go to www.foodworkscookeryschool.co.uk.

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