Corinium Radio Future is Looking Bright

DJ Alice with the cans on.

Corinium Radio doesn’t need a crystal ball to see what the years ahead have in store for the local station.

Volunteers at the Cirencester-based community radio are predicting that the future will be bright – at least if they can harness the youthful enthusiasm they’ve discovered recently.

The station’s youngest helper has hit the airwaves and has proved a real success.

Eight–year–old Alice has just put together a programme called ‘Alice’s Adventures in Musicland’ in which she plays some of her favourite music.

The show also expresses her joy and love of music and dance.

If you missed Alice’s programme when it first aired you can still catch up thanks to the listen again facility on the Corinium Radio website.

Corinium Radio spokesman Tony Coleman said, “It’s amazing that someone so young can produce such a great show. I hear that she really enjoyed doing it and it’s likely we’ll hear more from young Alice in the not–too-distant future!”

The radio station was also represented at the Cirencester Careers Convention at the town’s Deer Park School.

As a result, lots of young teenagers came to talk to us and were keen to work with the station.

Added Tony, “The amount of talent out there among our young people is staggering. We will definitely be in touch with them.”

Meanwhile, the station is always on the look-out for new volunteers…both young and more mature! So, if you want to help run your own local radio station just give Carole Boydell a call on 07776 144033 and get more details.

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