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Motoring with M.A.P.S. by Jonathan Wills
Tyre Wear and Topping Up Tips
A happy tyre.
As the darkening autumn nights advance upon us and we say goodbye to the long days of – a pretty wet at times – summer, it is time to think about the additional dangers that the forthcoming winter brings upon the motorist. Not only extra hours of darkness, but leaves and debris blown onto the roads, blinding low sunsets and a later morning sunrise glinting off wet roads. Plus the frost, fog, ice etc, and of course, other road users not paying attention or simply making human errors.

As wondrous as the modern motor car is with its bi-xenon lights, Iphone connectivity, park assist and the rest, one thing that has not changed at all is that all cars are connected to planet earth via four bits of rubber with each contact area not much bigger than the palm of your hand. A problem with modern motor cars is they are normally shod with very wide, low profile tyres which are great for sharp handling. But it does mean the inner edge of the tyre, even when on full steering lock is seldom seen.

Time for a change.
A stark reminder of how different both edges of the same tyre can be was brought home to me as I was working on a car recently. The first image shows the tyre when fitted to the vehicle looking worn but not particularly dangerous. The second image shows the tyre off the car, and it is clearly illegal and very dangerous. It is always prudent to check your tyres regularly for road worthiness, check tread depth, damage to sidewalls bulges cuts and pressures regularly as run flat tyres can look fine when they are not.

It is also worth checking vehicle fluid levels more regularly especially washer fluid as you use it more this time of year on muddy Cotswold roads and you can be fined if found to have a empty washer bottle! If unsure any garage should oblige and help.  It’s surprising what a professional pair of eyes can spot!

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