Corinium Radio Feb 18

New Corinium Radio Presenter Seeks Old CDs
Kate Jones our new volunteer presenter
A new volunteer with Cirencester’s Corinium Radio is offering to help listeners with their housework. Kate Jones, the local community radio station’s latest presenter, has come up with a way of cutting the dusting.

She’s launched an appeal for supporters of the station to donate old CDs which she can use in her new music and lifestyle show.
And, of course, they’ll also help boost the library of Corinium Radio, which still relies quite heavily on the CD format.
Said Kate, “With people often choosing to have a clear-out after Christmas, I thought this might be a good time to ask if they felt they could donate some of their old CDs.

“All discs will be greatly appreciated by the station, whether the music is modern or not and regardless of the style.”

At the time of writing, Kate was gearing up to launch her new programme ‘Podcast Live With Kate’ and was looking to include a wide range of both contemporary and older music tracks.
Said station spokesman Tony Coleman, “We’d better come clean and make it clear that Kate won’t actually be coming round to listeners’ homes to help with the chores.

“She just felt that if people were kind enough to donate CDs they weren’t using anymore they would have fewer things to dust.”
Donated CDs can be posted through the door or left at the reception of Bingham House in Cirencester where CR has its base.

For more about the appeal or if you think you could help run the station contact Corinium Radio chair Carole Boydell on 07776 144033.

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