Rekindle Feb 18 Article: Children in Need

CHILDREN IN NEED by Virginia Stourton, Rekindle

I was interested to read that Parents are now seeking Coaches for their children as young as four. Considering that the mainstream coaching industry is now worth £1.5 billion worldwide there is a good chance that parents making use of the system themselves can see advantages that will assist their children.

Children as well as adults are under a great deal of pressure to perform to a high standard. Falling short of ideals today would appear to cause more trauma than previously perceived.

Never mind get over it are no longer robust enough to see one through.

Yes, it is annoying when your little angel goes upstairs and slams the bedroom door leaving a devotedly cooked meal on the table.

Ok you have not been there, so you won’t know that the knee jerk reaction is to run upstairs and plead for them to come down.

Worse, if you are a bit fraught you find yourself apologising and saying of course it was ok for the mobile to be used while eating as you had not thought it might be an emergency. Bah! If this parenting, then roll on the coach for four-year olds.

So, you ask how is it done? It begins with detailed conversations with the parents. This is best not done with a drink in your hand.

Then time spent getting to know the child at home. That’s why the nondisclosure of drink could be important.

Playing games before moving on to key activities which include magic breathing. A slow deep breath that brings a child back into the moment. (no mention of where they were when out of the moment- never mind)

Each child gets a small soft toy called a breathing buddie which can rest on their stomachs enabling them to see them rise and fall.

Anger emotions are also played through puppets. The results seem good for which there is not room to describe here.

My own parenting, I now see was shamefully lacking. I was not beyond sitting outside the slammed bedroom door with a saucepan of delicious melted chocolate- just enough for me.

On complaining about an outrageous telephone bill (no mobiles then) the teenage culprit threatened to leave home. My answer: so am I

I guess it’s me who needs the breathing buddie now.

Love is the best remedy and if coaching four-year olds is a way of showing this who am I to knock it.

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