Vets4Pets: The Importance of Puppy Parties

Socialise Your Puppy with Vets4Pets!

Veterinary Nurse Lydia Chappell RVN talks to the Cirencester Scene about the importance of socialisation for puppies.
At Vets4Pets Cirencester we encourage owners to bring along their puppies to one of our puppy parties.   Socialisation at young age is crucial for puppies to grow into happy, well behaved dogs.
As Lydia says “It is very important for your puppy to learn social skills in their early stages of life with positive experiences.   Doing this in a safe and controlled way at a puppy party maximises a puppy’s chance of successful interaction with other dogs.
This helps prepare your puppy for the big wide world where they will meet other dogs and people.”
At Vets4Pets Cirencester, we are proud to offer our own puppy classes and talks, tailored to meet all basic training needs for you and your new addition!
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Our training sessions are based upon positive reinforcement, with lots of rewards and praise, covering a range of commands, loose lead walking, clicker training, and much more. Your puppy will play and socialise in a controlled environment, with classes kept to a maximum of 5 puppies aged between 10-20 weeks.

Places are limited, so call now to reserve your place at our next puppy party on 01285 886360 or find our event on Facebook at facebook.com/cirencestervets4pets.

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