Cirencester Hypnotherapy Centre: One for the Ladies

Nicola Griffiths hypnotherapist.

One for the ladies…or is it?

I recently found myself in a situation where I absolutely knew I had to take more time for myself.  I run a busy clinic, I have my hypnotherapy clients and I lecture at two schools of hypnotherapy training.  I don’t make life easy for myself as one of those schools is in Belfast and the other in Manchester, so not exactly on my doorstep.  Oh, and that doesn’t include the new school I’m taking on in completely the opposite direction of Southampton!
So considering all this, I found myself smiling to myself as I said to a client the other day “If we run ourselves ragged, we can damage our health and our ability to concentrate.  Our focus can become foggy and we lose sight of what we want to achieve”.  Mmmm, Nicola, you might want to listen to yourself a bit more!
But then I relaxed, as I know I do look after myself in between all the work.  I take time out for things like facials and spa days.  I have regular reflexology and acupuncture which I love.  And I know that we don’t have to put everything down in order to regain that focus, you don’t have to have a week’s holiday to recharge (although I’ve nothing against that obviously).  Even 50 minutes of proper time out can do the brain one heck of a lot of good.  It allows the thought processes to calm and for clarity to emerge.
Sue Drew, the holistic beauty therapist at my clinic calls it ‘Investing in Yourself’.  She says “People get facials for different reasons, and with our busy lifestyles it is not easy to find time for yourself. However in my many years of experience in the beauty industry, without a doubt my clients who have a regular facial look younger and have a lovely complexion”.   Now if that happens, it’s certainly going to do people a power of good!
People incorrectly think of massage, whether a facial massage or a body massage, as a pamper session.  In fact massage is very beneficial for stress and various other symptomology. Even the NHS recognises it has benefits!  
I originally entitled this snippet ‘One for the Ladies’, but then I thought that was wrong.  Because in these modern times, we see more and more men coming in for facials and massages – not just because they need distressing but these days they tend to look after themselves more than they’ve ever done before.  Now there’s a nice topic for my next little article!!
Nicola runs the Cirencester Hypnotherapy & Health Centre in Dyer Street.  Their massage therapists include Sue Drew, Maggie Godden, Sally Peachey, Karen Benbow (Indian Head Massage) and Cheryl Webster. More details at: http://www.cirencesterhypnotherapycentre.co.uk

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