Pet Talk With Corinium Vets: BBQ Safety Tips July 2018

Food for dogs?
BBQ safety tips for pet owners

We all love a family BBQ on a hot summer day.

Please consider the potential dangers for your pets if they are to be part of this joyful event.

Here are a few top tips on how to avoid accidents with pets:

1. Please don’t feed any scraps and tell your family members and friends not to ‘accidentally’ drop food. Scraps can upset your pet’s stomach. Some, for example garlic, onions and grapes are poisonous for pets. Undercooked or fatty foods can give them diarrhoea and vomiting.

2. Place left overs and litter in a lidded bin. In particular bones, plastic bags, corn on the cob and peach stones will often cause bowel blockages or injuries if ingested by greedy pets. Kebab skewers can cause very serious injuries.

3. Keep pets at a safe distance from the barbeque while it is hot. Keep pets away from flames and glowing embers. Leave lighter fluid and firelighters out of reach.

4. Alcohol is dangerous for pets, so keep alcoholic drinks out of reach of thirsty pets.

5. Your pet is at risk of heatstroke in the sun and hot weather. Keep pets in the cool shade and provide plenty of water. Dogs will enjoy licking ice-cold water or ice cubes. A moist towel placed over the back or a cooling vest may be appreciated by a dog who is getting very hot. It may be better to get them into a cooler place indoors to calm down and relax in peace, especially if they are very excitable.

6. White or pale coloured animals may suffer from sunburn especially on their nose and the end of their ears. Use a pet safe sun cream.

We hope these tips are helpful and everybody is able to enjoy the lovely summer weather!
Dr. Bettina Gruninger (Veterinary Surgeon), Alison Cuss and Nicki Wray (Veterinary Nurses)

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