Find out more about ultra fast broadband in rural areas with Gigaclear!

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Gigaclear – Ultrafast full fibre broadband for rural Britain.

Gigaclear was founded in 2010 and is one of the fastest growing broadband suppliers in the UK – by the end of 2017 Gigaclear operated networks in rural locations across some 17 counties mainly in the south of England, with more in the pipeline. The company is dedicated to providing reliable, ultrafast, full fibre broadband directly to homes and businesses in rural Britain.

What does this mean for you?

Do you have trouble staying connected in the countryside?
Enjoying the freedom of working flexibly, streaming seamlessly and getting the latest entertainment or box-set with the speed you need – wherever you are. We also understand that rural communities rely on high speed broadband to thrive enabling schools, village halls, shops and surgeries to better serve the people of the community. At 1000Mbps, we offer a significantly faster service with FTTP connection than standard copper-based ADSL connection. All part of our commitment to ensuring that rural communities have access to the latest and very best technology.

For the residents of Appleton, a village in Oxfordshire, the choice of internet connectivity was between slow and nothing at all – applications such as iPlayer were virtually impossible to use and downloading a one hour programme would take all night. Appleton’s broadband connection used old-school copper wire and major network providers had no plans to upgrade it any time soon – even with Government funding. Villagers got together to take matters into their own hands and researched what alternatives were available.

Local resident, Julian Morris, comments, “There were a number of rural broadband initiatives out there, but they required significant time and investment from residents to run and manage the service. We needed a solution from a sound commercial organisation which we could simply subscribe and easily connect to. That’s why we chose Gigaclear.

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to work
at home!
The company held an Open Day which made people realise what they’d been missing out on for years because of poor broadband. Since connecting to Gigaclear, we’ve been able to take full advantage of the Internet in a way that just wasn’t possible before. We watch TV shows using BBC iPlayer without interruption, access our daily newspapers online and most importantly have regular and reliable Skype conversations with our grandchildren. Additionally, I’m now able to work just as efficiently at home as in the office. This means that I can miss the rush hour completely and have a better work/life balance.”

One of many comments from happy customers which have contributed to our Trust Pilot 4 Star rating.

To find out more call 0370 224 8915 or visit www.Gigaclear.com   

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