THE BODY WORKSHOP: Instructor Spotlight – Morven Parfitt

Develop yourself from the inside out with Pilates.

Why did I change careers from Finance to Pilates? It’s something I’m often asked. The simplest answer is, ‘To help people feel good’. You might have a friend who raves about their Pilates class, or have heard how fantastic it is to help with back ache etc, but will have simply have put it to the back of your mind. I admit that I did the same…numerous times! I had been recommended Pilates by fellow runners, riders and mothers, but had always been too busy, and quite happy with my exercise routine to try anything new, thank you very much. 
After a suggestion from a medical professional I began private sessions. Once able to understand the exercises and my body, I moved on from there to group classes and enjoyed the camaraderie that came with regularly attending a welcoming studio. Eventually I became aware that I wasn’t simply improving my physicality, I was improving in all aspects of my life. I was being taught to use my breath to help rein in my emotions. My stress levels fell as tension that had built up in muscles was released through gradual conditioning. My concentration also benefited…you can’t autopilot your way through a Pilates class no matter if it’s your first or fiftieth! 
After experiencing these changes to mind and body, I wanted to learn more, study more and teach more. I wanted to pass on the happiness torch…As Joseph Pilates said, ‘Physical Fitness is the first requisite of Happiness.
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