The Big Yellow Bus

Outside the bus after generating funding.

Gerry Watkins, a Cirencester man, launched the Big Yellow Bus Project on the 1st August 2017 when he came up with the idea of sheltering the homeless in a double-decker bus during the winter months.

Since then, he has raised enough money to purchase the bus through various fundraising events across the region. Lynn Hilditch and Tony Curry  presented this cheque for £350 on behalf of Cirencester Thames Branch. At this presentation  Gerry said “This cheque from the Cirencester Conservatives will enable me to complete the bus conversion and I’m grateful to them for this and their previous contribution which have added to all the other generous gifts to get my project into operation.  Further donations always welcomed and useful!”

Dan Hemmings, an A level student at Cirencester College, took photographs of the event. These pictures and the information he has gleaned from Gerry will contribute to his project at College.

Gerry is passionate about helping people who find themselves homeless and has converted the double-decker bus into a safe shelter for homeless locals. Accommodation upstairs provides 5 male beds and 2 female quarters. The living space downstairs has cooking facilities, a wood burner, a rest area which can double up as a bed for a warden/night supervisor.

The Big Yellow Bus Project is aimed at improving homeless peoples’ lives. Residents are expected to comply with rules such as no smoking, no drink or drugs (unless medically prescribed) or self-abuse.

The double decker is now in use.
The intention of the Project is to help those willing to be helped with drink or drug problems, anger issues or homelessness. Commitment will require signing up to any required rehabilitation courses and undertaking a couple of hours community service a day.

Contact Gerry for more information on this project or you would like to make a donation:


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