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Review by Carlo Vuolo – Cirencester Scene

The Barn Theatre’s production of ‘Just So, The Musical’ is a real Christmas cracker. The wonderfully talented cast of actor/musicians brings this compilation of Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories to life in a fun-filled and action-packed tale of the Elephant’s Child’s quest to find answers to his many ‘silly questions’ and to politely ask Pau Amma the crab to stop playing with the oceans. On his travels to the great grey-green, greasy Lim-po-po River, accompanied by the reluctant Kolokolo bird, he discovers, inter alia, how the leopard got its spots, how the rhinoceros got its skin and how the kangaroo got its powerful hind legs. Finally his ‘satiable curtiosity’ leads him unwisely to ask the crocodile what he eats for dinner, and the ensuing tug-o-war between them

Imogen Halsey and Rosalind Ford

results in the Elephant’s Child getting his trunk.

Directed by Kirk Jameson, this enchanting musical revival, written way back in 1984, begins with the creation of all animals by the Eldest Magician and follows their (Lamarckian) evolution to the forms we are familiar with today. Full of wit, movement, musical virtuosity and superb singing this is the perfect family show and a great

Rosalind, Dylan and Lewis in Rehearsal

alternative to the traditional Christmas pantomime, and as good as anything to be seen in the West End.

A favourite scene has to be the flirtatious interplay between the giraffe and zebra, cast as giggling ‘Essex Girls’ pursued by the lecherous leopard and the scheming jaguar, which is a delight. These dippy girls are oblivious to the true intention of these comical spivs, which is not amorous but epicurean.Other highlights include the laid-back Parsee Man limbering up the travellers in a Samba-style Cake Dance, to strengthen them up for their journey, and the sheer power and presence of the rhinoceros singing ‘Thick Skin’ which has the audience rocking in their seats.

Enjoy a warm show in the winter!

Making full use of the theatre’s impressive lighting capabilities, contrasting well with the use of simple props, the show transports the spectators to darkest Africa, with stunning sunsets and dark damp jungles. It deserved nothing less than the standing ovation and rapturous applause it received from the very appreciative audience on Press Night.

Just So, The Musical runs until 13th January 2019.

Tickets from barntheatre.org.uk/justso

The Barn Theatre, Beeches Road, Cirencester, GL7 1BN, 01285 648255

Star rating 5 *****

Drilling their parts for the public!

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