Cirencester Hypnotherapy and Health Centre Jan 19: Beating Anxiety by looking at the past to make a positive future.

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Nicola Griffiths is a clinical hypnotherapist and helps with numerous issues along with her colleagues.

A client said to me recently that they like to worry about things so that they’re prepared for any eventuality. I replied with “You overload your brain that way, creating negative chemicals and you’re actually less well prepared because your poor old brain is already in fight/flight mode. Whereas if you go forth into 2019 with the attitude that things are going to be good, or that you’ll cope better, then you start changing the chemical response to more positive ones. This allows you to deal with things so much more easily”.

I remember well some decades ago worrying that my father-in-law might lose his job. In fact, what happened was my brother-in-law lost his and we hadn’t seen it coming.

Frequently, if we worry about something, it either doesn’t happen or we’ve been so wrapped up in worrying about the thing that hasn’t happened, we don’t see the thing that is appearing on the horizon and, more importantly, a thing we could possibly have taken action over before it happened – if you follow me!

So what’s the answer? Well it’s to look at what good things have happened. Whether that be in 2018 even if your year hasn’t been that great, or, if your memory is as poor as mine, you might want to simply think about the good things that have happened today or in the last week! It makes one heck of a difference to how we view life overall and it can allow us to be more successful, more able, and definitely healthier, especially if we carry out this positive mental exercise daily. It’s no good just doing it once and thinking, ‘Ha, that’s that sorted then’.

What I like about the dramatic rise in anxiety is it’s made it more normal. If you go down with a common cold, you might think “Why me?” but I doubt you think you’re the only one with a cold? And that’s how mental health issues such as anxiety should be viewed – as something that we sort of catch but that we can get rid

of if we take the right steps, and I don’t mean just taking a paracetamol!! Let’s get rid of the taboo aspect and with the dramatic rise in anxiety, it’s certainly being talked about more which in my book is a very good thing.

As you step into 2019, make it a good year. Take action if action is needed or simply enjoy living in the moments of happiness.

Make it a proper ‘Happy’ New Year.
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