Corinium Radio June 2019

This is Corinium Radio: Meet Charles

Charlie who now has 200 shows under his belt.

Did you know that Corinium Radio has been broadcasting in Cirencester since 2006?  And Charles, a volunteer Presenter, will celebrate his 200th programme this month – Charlie’s Jazz Picks.

Charles’ long career in international banking is a far cry from our studio in Cirencester but just listen to the eclectic mix of world-jazz being played by Charles and you will realise why he says “I waited over 60 years to be able to indulge my passion for jazz, and Corinium Radio gave me that opportunity!” In fact, such is the reputation of Charlie’s Jazz Picks, we are delighted that Paul Jefferies, a professional jazz bassist and founder of The Jazz Cave in Cirencester has joined the Corinium Radio Collective as a supporter of the show. Hear more about performances at The Jazz Cave on Charlie’s Jazz Picks every week.

Fact 1: Charles’ passion was influenced by Jim Beach, Manager of Queen, his father and the DJ Pete Murray.

Fact 2: The 200th edition of Charlie’s Jazz Picks will be broadcast on 13th June featuring Paul’s choice of jazz.

You can listen to Corinium Radio on any device such as your mobile, tablet or smartTV. Look for www.coriniumradio.co.uk . If you have the TuneIn app, search for Corinium Radio –  ask your smartspeaker to find it too!

Corinium Radio is a volunteer-led community radio station, broadcasting from the heart of Cirencester. Call me to find out about joining us, Carole on 07776 144033

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