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My name is Abi, I am a working Mum and Physiotherapist at The Markland Clinic. AND I am still getting to grips with the whole juggling act.  I admire all you parents who have mastered this skill.

Like many, many parents I have recently been complaining of back pain.  All the leaning over a cot, stretching into the car seat, picking my daughter up, bending down to her level or crawling around on the floor.  Avoiding lots of lifting while being a parent is IMPOSSIBLE. Even as a Physio, I found my back pain getting more and more out of control.

How I managed to get my back under control included a lot of complaining to my husband but also the very valued treatment of George and Dale, my Physiotherapy colleagues. George and Dale enabled me to stay as mobile as possible and repeatedly reminded me to do my exercises. 

This is the first time in my life I have truly had to work my exercises and my health around all my other commitments.  To us mothers, we come last and therefore we are very vulnerable to incidents like what I had.  I realised I am not 21 anymore and I am not invincible like I used to think.  My health and physical well-being are just as important and deserve just as much energy as what I put into my family.

If you have already reached my point or beyond and need some assistance to get you back on track with your physical well-being, or, if you are noticing you are starting to decondition or noticing mild niggles contact us at the Markland Clinic for a £10 discovery visit offer to prevent them from becoming a restriction like mine did.


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