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Siddington Village Hall has a splendid new porch these days, and plaques high above it and on the porch itself remind us that the hall was built in 1921 to commemorate the brave young men from the village who gave their lives in a terrible war. Over nearly one hundred years the hall has hosted many special community events and on Sunday 1st September it’ll host one more; Siddington’s annual Village Show. Do come along – doors open at 2pm, admission is free, and you’ll have the chance to admire the fruit of so many people’s labour.

And not just fruit! Vegetables, flowers, cakes and handicrafts too – and you can try guessing the weight of the pumpkin, or the whereabouts of the treasure buried on a desert island. Indeed, if you live in Siddington or thereabouts there is still time to have your own best efforts displayed for all to see. Longest runner bean? Vegetable that looks like an animal? Or just a vase of annuals or a display of edible flowers? There are 35 categories in all. You could try baking a cake – such as the ‘easy fruit cake’ or ‘gingerbread squares’ for which recipes are given.

Local businesses and friends have donated some modest prizes – thank you – and we have some silverware to pass on to adorn other mantle-pieces for the next 12 months! Some of the trophies date back forty years and bear the names of gardeners and cooks sadly no longer with us but who doubtless subscribed to the notions of ‘have a go!’ and ‘support the community!’.

More information from Malcolm (malcolm4646@talktalk.net  or tel 659521). Entry forms to be handed in at the post office by 30th August.

You’d be very welcome.

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