My Guide Volunteers Wanted!

Contribute in a wonderfully meaningful way!

Help people in the Cirencester area to get out and about!

Guide Dogs is appealing for volunteers in the Cirencester area, who could spare a few hours to help local people with sight loss get out and about.

Although the charity is best known for the guide dog service, it also runs a service called ‘My Guide’ where it matches volunteer sighted guides with visually impaired people.

A volunteer may help someone do activities such as visiting shops, going to a café or simply going for a walk.

Val is visually impaired and was recently partnered with her My Guide volunteer, Lindy.

Val said: “I applied for support from a My Guide volunteer to help me get out and about”

“Lindy is excellent company, we have a good laugh together and have lots to talk about.”

Beth Wise, My Guide Volunteering Manager for the Cirencester area said: “Being a My Guide volunteer is fun, flexible and rewarding and we partner people based on common interests.

“If you could spare just a few hours a week or a fortnight to help a local person with sight loss get out and about, then please get in touch!”

If you are interested in volunteering as a sighted guide in Cirencester, please contact Guide Dogs Birmingham on 0345 143 0194 or email beth.wise@guidedogs.org.uk 

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