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Deb Govier

Sept 2019 Growth Hub Article
In this column, we regularly mention our Business Navigators here at Cirencester Growth Hub, whose role is to support Gloucestershire-based businesses.

But what does their job entail? We’ve chatted to one of the three Cirencester Business Navigators, Deb Govier, to find out.

What is your career background?
I took a degree in IT and business computer systems and then started on the Orange graduate programme. Here I moved into project management, programme management, analytics and databases, and ended up as a product manager. After Orange, I spent several years as a freelance business consultant, which I could fit around my two children – Isla and Elsie. In fact, I heard about the Growth Hub network through a client and when Cirencester Growth Hub opened I applied for a Business Navigator role.

What does a Business Navigator do?
When a business contacts us for help, we see who in the team will be the best fit and who is available to help. For example, I’m quite marketing focused. We also check they have a UTR (or Unique Tax Reference) or are registered company, then we invite them in for a ‘Discovery meeting’. In this session we talk about their business, their processes, what their goals are and their challenges. We are then able to signpost them towards further help, that might be to one of our Business Guides, or to external partners, like the manufacturing support service SWMAS, and to our many workshops. In total, we can offer three hours’ free support, with a further 12 hours free from our Business Guides.

What do you like most about your job?
The varied role. One day I could be discussing someone’s business idea with them, the next I could be running a workshop and also networking across the region with all the great businesses we have. Sometimes you might also find me sorting out the coffee machine!

Best piece of advice?
If you are thinking of starting your own business make sure you get a good support network, you can’t do everything yourself and who would want to!

To contact Deb, or her fellow Business Navigators Stephen and Eva, and to find out how Cirencester Growth Hub can help your business, email cirencester@thegrowthhub.biz , call 01285 889850, or visit www.thegrowthhub.biz/cirencester.

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