Wills and Holidays!

Alison Fielden & Co Sep 2019

Now is the time of year when I have lots of Clients calling in to see me for a hurried Will to be prepared because they are going on holiday and they want to ensure that everything is in place before they go – usually accompanied by the words “I’m going on a plane”.  This, despite the fact that it is generally considered to be 22 times safer to fly than it is to drive on a per-mile basis.  (Perhaps we should be more concerned if we are going on holiday by car!)

It is very sensible to try to plan for the future and Wills play an important part in that, especially if you have young children.  A Will can appoint guardians for your children, should anything unforeseen happen to you

It seems very sensible in the circumstances to ensure that your Will is fully up to date before you go on holiday.  We may not feel that we are undertaking anything risky but, whilst safety in this country is paramount, other countries may have less stringent requirements; we may, because we are relaxed, feel more able to undertake a risky activity – bungee jumping perhaps!  We may, because we have little command of the country’s language, fail to understand the safety warning signs.  The risk for accidents and worse are myriad and, just because we are on holiday, doesn’t necessarily mean that we are safe or invincible.

So, before you jet off to sunnier climes, or even if you are staying in this country, have a think – are your affairs in order – and, if they are not, why not pop in for a chat? 

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