You’re Never Too Old to Join a Gym!

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Have you reached a certain age and you’re thinking it’s about time you took your mental and physical health a bit more seriously? You know you’ll need help and support but the last place you want to visit is a gym, right?

You couldn’t be more wrong.  But you need to find the right gym, i.e. one where:

  • You’ll get a friendly welcome.
  • Your fears and reservations are appreciated and understood.
  • You are offered tailored support, particularly if you have a specific problem area such as hips, knees, back, etc. or a medical condition such as a hip replacement, diabetes or arthritis.
  • Diet and nutrition are recognised as being equally important as exercise, especially for seniors.
  • Professional, qualified trainers are on hand to provide expert guidance and support.
  • You’ll meet like-minded people in a non-competitive environment.

It’s never too late to get fitter and stronger, and to become a better version of yourself.  Just like I did!

Geoff C, client of Elite Health & Fitness for 18 months.

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