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Are you coming this year?

Meet: The Special Advent Festival Team

Everyone knows that Cirencester Town Council organises our special celebration of Advent culminating with a great switch-on of town lights but this year, it’s extra special!

Corinium Radio is joining forces with The Barn Theatre and others to make sure Saturday 30th November will be described as awesome! We have brought together such a special team that draws on a range of talents to create a LIVE show that will be broadcast on the massive screen in the market place so that EVERYONE there has the chance to not only enjoy the festivities but also be part of the day.

Fact 1: Say hello to our special “HELLO” team members (Elizabeth, Chris and Nigel) and have your moment of fame on the big screen.

Fact 2: Call 01285 659017 in advance of the day and have the opportunity to SPEAK UP by booking an interview with our special “PRESENTER” team members, Kate, Tony, Shirley, Danny, Virginia and Fred.

Join Corinium Radio on Saturday 30th November and be part of this awesome day!

You can listen to Corinium Radio on any device such as your mobile, tablet or smartTV. Look for www.coriniumradio.co.uk . If you have the TuneIn app, search for Corinium Radio –  ask your smartspeaker to find it too!

Corinium Radio is a volunteer-led community radio station, broadcasting from the heart of Cirencester. Call me to find out about joining us, Carole on 07776 144033

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