A Christmas Carol at the Barn Theatre

This Adapted Version of A Christmas Carol was Directed by Phil Bartlett.

Review by Virginia Stourton

The Barn Theatre continues to test the boundaries with their creative thinking to bring their audiences theatre par excellence.

Enthralling and thrilling, the Barn’s fabulous team give us an adaptation of a classic Dicken’s tale A Christmas Carol.  So many versions of this awakening story but none so good as Alan Pollock’s sparkling insight.

He has cleverly delved into the complexities of Scrooge and his epiphany and gives us the best.  Writing a play is one thing, the cast running with it another.  This cast gripped it with both hands and pulled it off magnificently.

Central of course is Ebenezer Scrooge played by Patrick Ryecart.  From the outset the audience were enthralled.  This revered actor gave us an outstanding feel for the character.

Christmas has a message in numerous ways other than religion.  Dickens added his deeper insight of humanity to bring us Scrooge.  All of us can identify with the spirit of the meanness, and although it may not need voices from the past most stumble on the importance of each other at some point.

What was particularly clever at this performance was the well thought out choreography adding everything to the intriguing atmosphere in a sympathetic way.

Space precludes me from mentioning everyone, but a special accolade must go Iwan Lewis and to this production’s Director Phil Bartlett. 

I can only add my recommendation that it is a must to go and see.  A production to remember and to be hugely applauded.

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