184 Mile Walk Raises Large Sum for Local Charities

Ciren Couple Raise £2,500 with 184 mile Walk for Charity

A couple from Cirencester have completed the 184-mile Thames path walk from Kemble to London and raised more than £2,500 for charity in the process.

Alan Rice-Smith and his wife Caerwen marked the end of lockdown by taking on the challenge, walking from Thames Head, near Kemble, to the Thames Barrier in London.

They began the challenge on July 3 and completed it in 16 days, staying at B&Bs along on the way.

Alan, 61, spent the last year recovering from a heart attack in March 2019, and had to pace himself during the walk, but overall,  had no problems completing the challenge.

Alan is also a member of the Rotary Club of Cirencester, who support the community and raise money for charity.

Rotary club president Mark Wilton chose the two charities the club is actively raising money for this year.

These are first, the Big Yellow Bus Project – a double decker bus acquired by Gerry Watkins in 2017 which has undergone a conversion to provide warm, comfortable sleeping and basic cooking facilities for rough sleepers.

The second charity is Cotswold Counselling, which provides the opportunity for people to talk in confidence with someone who is trained to listen.

The money raised from Alan and Caerwen’s walk will be split towards both charities.

Alan said: “I was trying to keep fit during lockdown, which meant opportunities arose to go out and do some walks in the open air, and that’s when we discovered the walk so we thought let’s give it a go.”

He added: I’m a Cirencester Rotarian so I thought there’s always a chance we could raise some money for the vital local charities the Big Yellow Bus Project and Cotswold Counselling, so we partnered up with them and decided to go for it.”

To donate, visit bit.ly/2WTerdx

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