Cirencester Chamber Business Awards 2020

Ciren Scene is one of three Media Sponsors of the Awards

Our Award is for the CREATIVES’ CHAMPION


This is our shortlist. To find out more, please go to cirenscene.com where there is a write up and photos about each nominee.


Spiral Dance Studio

The Barn Theatre

Cirencester Camera Club

Cirencester Theatre Company

Cirencester Singers


Please email your vote to info@cirenscene.com by noon on Tuesday 10th November. Please give the name of your choice from the five above nominees and your name too. Subject heading is ‘Creatives’ Champion’


The Creatives Champion is defined as a club, company, venue or individual who helps the local creative people to showcase their talents.  They may be creative people themselves, but it’s how they promote others that counts for this Award.  Cirencester Scene would like you to bring them out of the shadows and give them the applause they deserve.

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