Roxie’s Pawly Pals: Offers Financial Aid

Roxie’s Pawly Pals

This is a registered charity established to provide financial support for dog owners who are unable to afford medical or surgical treatment. We organise charity events and fundraising activities to enable us to provide these services, all support and donations are greatly appreciated to help us meet our aims.


In May 2015 our beautiful border collie Roxie badly broke her leg. She had it pinned and plated, and everything was going well till the morning when she was due home.  She had a hissy fit and broke her shoulder in the process.

We had two options, either to have her leg amputated or to put her to sleep. There was no choice as far as we were concerned so her leg was amputated, and we took her home the next day. The first four to six weeks were awful, and we slept downstairs with her, but now she has lost a lot of weight and is doing well.

However, this cost us thousands in vet bills and got us thinking we’d like to help owners of dogs who can’t afford to pay for operations. We’ve set up a charity Called Roxie’s Pawly Pals to help pay for treatment. We raise funds through raffles, tombolas, craft sales, car boot sales and stalls at family events as well as donations.


We are  currently fundraising by selling barbie outfits, handmade bags, knitted cardigans etc on Facebook. Ideal for Christmas!

Are you struggling to pay for your dog’s veterinary treatment?

Roxie’ Pawly Pals could help pay towards an operation or care of your dog.

You and your vet must be involved in the application, as payments must go through your vets. You must live within a 15 mile radius of central Cirencester.  You can tell us your story by emailing jude@roxiespawlypals.org.uk or calling Jude on 01285 656437.

For more information please go to roxiespawlypals.org.uk

All donations gratefully accepted.

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