Somewhere Else Writers (SEW) December 2020 Clare Roberts

Clare Roberts

This month’s featured writer is Clare Roberts, whose work is inspired mainly by the natural world, or her own passions, which include mountain walking, cycling, wild swimming and diving. She recently visited the Isle of Skye, and her poem Descent of Blaven tries to capture the physical experience of high mountains in autumnal weather, and the astonishing glimpses of beauty when the clouds part.

Clare is a member of Somewhere Else Writers Group and is currently studying for an MA in Creative and Critical Writing at the University of Gloucester. Formerly a journalist, she has written articles on music, travel and lifestyle and now enjoys writing poetry alongside her work as a piano and singing teacher.

She writes a regular radio programme for Corinium Radio under the banner of Somewhere Else Writers, which explores themes including Growing Up, Inner and Outer Space, and Mountains, using literature and music. All programmes, including her latest on Playfulness, are available for catch up at somewhere-else-writers.org/broadcasts).

You can follow Clare on Twitter,  @cefroberts53

You can read more work by local writers at www.somewhere-else-writers.org

Descent of Blaven

Wind nips and tendrils tickle my cheeks,
eyes blinking grit to find a way.
Hunkered figures grow from rocky outcrops 
boots skitter stones from the gabbro.

Plump raindrops firm to pellets
washing footholds away with shifting gravel
mist disorientating, wind bur deafening.
Wet dolerite distorting compass bearings.

Sunburst opens a fleeting vision and I see
swards of silver water and seaweed spun to bronze,
moon’s power tracing rippled bracelets,
burnished spores, rushing waves, welcome shores.

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