Season’s Greetings from Save Our Cirencester!

Save Our Cirencester (SOC) is quietly keeping a watchful eye on the Chesterton Development progress.


  • Major sewer works have now been started by Thames Water to update the existing facilities down to the Shornecote works. It seems the proposed SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System) are going to be reduced. A major concern is the impact this will have on possible flooding to existing properties in the area.
  • Cherry Tree Junction – work has not yet commenced. Highways England traffic modelling highlighted important issues which were agreed, eg an additional slip lane  to prevent congestion on the A417. This is particularly important as evidence from ‘smart’ motorways shows a high risk of serious collision and death when stationary vehicles occupy live lanes. This is also a requirement of The Ministry of Transport BEFORE the Development is brought into beneficial use.
  • SOC continue to monitor concerns and maintain dialogue with CDC regarding the impact from the development on the existing infrastructure in our town.


Since SOC formed as an action group some six years ago all of the issues encountered (climate, environment etc) have moved up the ‘agenda’, and with the Government’s proposed planning reforms as they currently stand, together with the need to oversee the numerous detailed Outline Planning Permission requirements of BDL, Cirencester needs saving more than ever!

Happy Christmas.  Looking forward to a better New Year!

Stay safe.

Mark Pratley, Chairman and The Committee




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