Peter Pan at the Barn

The story jumps from the page.

Review by Carlo Vuolo, Ciren Scene

Waylon Jacobs

In a stark hotel room, three thousand miles from home, a man tells his daughter a bedtime story through his laptop. But this is no ordinary bedtime story. J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan is brought to life in an original and extraordinary re-imagining of this classic tale by the amazing team from The Barn Theatre. 

Writer Alan Pollock and director Kirk Jameson have produced a marvellous and totally absorbing piece of theatre, with pirates, fairies, mermaids, the Lost Boys and, of course, a crocodile with huge teeth and an alarm clock in its stomach. Using simple line drawn graphics projected onto the backcloth, one actor (Waylon Jacobs) narrates the story and becomes Peter Pan and, with help from two teddy bears (Michael and John Darling), Tiger Lily and Tinkerbell, flies us from Wendy Darling’s bedroom to Neverland to battle with and defeat the evil Captain Hook and his scheming bosun, Mr. Smee. Pan’s return home is beautifully staged as he flies over Victorian London and past familiar landmarks including Tower Bridge. 

Waylon Jacobs’ performance as the father is superb, such is the energy and intensity he brings to the role, and Georgia Dibbs provides the voice of his daughter very naturally. It was beautiful and magical, and just what we need right now! 

A well deserved 5 star performance ***** 

Peter Pan runs until January 3rd 2021 

Tickets from barntheatre.org.uk or 01285 648255

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