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So, we have waved goodbye to January and all the resolutions we hoped to keep – apart from the one about social distancing and listening to Corinium Radio.  Last month we saw an absolute surge in people looking for local news on our website and it set me thinking that this is a good time to share with you the other benefits of listening to your local community radio station.

There are so many reasons why you might enjoy hearing a mix of music and conversation but here are the top FOUR benefits of being a Corinium Radio listener:

  1. It provides an open mic for people from our local community who are often overlooked by other broadcasters. This is because Corinium Radio doesn’t chase the big audiences, instead they look for an audience made up of the people of the community, finding local stories that take priority over the capital’s news, politics and government.
  2. It helps to strengthen local ties in our fantastic area. Hearing someone who shares your everyday experiences and comes from your community lets you know are not alone and that there are people in the same situations as you.  
  3. All our Presenters on the station are volunteers so by listening, you are helping to train young people who may be thinking of working in media. Every year we create opportunities for work experience for those changing or starting out on a career and you are supporting each and every one.
  4. Corinium Radio also promotes community businesses so, by supporting the local entrepreneurs and traders who advertise their business, you are helping the local economy to get back on its feet.

Because we are all volunteers, we don’t need to make a profit so why not help our local community? Anyone with an interest can get involved by becoming board members, technicians, admin support or journalists. Give me a call on 07776 144033 to discuss or email: caroleboydell@coriniumradio.co.uk


Corinium Radio is an award winning volunteer-led online community radio station, broadcasting from the heart of Cirencester.

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