The Probus Club of Cirencester is 50 Years Old!

Probus was founded in 1966, originally for retired professional and business men. The Probus Club of Cirencester was formed in January 1971.

A Probus meeting

During normal times, the club provided an opportunity for retired men to meet once a week for a chat, a coffee and to listen to an interesting talk. Various social occasions were also held, ranging from monthly informal lunches for members, to coffee mornings, club lunches, garden parties and outings to interesting venues where partners were also welcome. The atmosphere is always informal and light-hearted.

Since the first Covid lockdown in March 2020, the club has had to adapt. Social occasions have been suspended but we have enlisted the help of modern technology to enable us to beat the pandemic by continuing our meetings.

These virtual meetings happen every Friday and Tuesday. Each Friday, an interesting talk lasting about an hour is broadcast to members’ PCs over the Internet using Zoom software. Each Tuesday, a member of the club will give an interesting, but shorter, talk on a subject of their choice which is broadcast to members using the same media.

A large majority of members watch these talks every week and this has enabled the club to stand the test of time. Please join us – we will be very pleased to see you.

For more information visit cirencesterprobus.org

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