CCS: What Do You Value in Our Town?

What do you value in our town?

As part of the Neighbourhood Plan, Cirencester Civic Society is leading a small project to identify parts of the town which are special to them.  This will enable a list to be compiled of what are called Non Designated Heritage Assets (NDHA).  

Cirencester has a lot of buildings or places which are designated as heritage assets and which can be protected.  But there are a huge number of areas which contribute to making the town a good place to live which are not protected, yet mean a lot to people.  An example might be the painted advertisements on old buildings, such as the Old Dairy in Ashcroft Road, or a pathway that is part of enhancing the town’s character, such as the Riverside Walk. 

Each person in Cirencester will have a different set of those things which make Cirencester special to them, and the idea in compiling the list of NDHA is to ensure that as we move forward, protecting those things is part of maintaining those bits of our past which we do not want to lose, but which are not special enough to gain heritage status.

The Civic Society is inviting everyone to nominate any sites, places, or even a view which they feel should be considered as “special” to the town, so that they can be considered for protection as part of future planning decisions.

If you have something you wish to nominate please email info@ccsoc.org.uk by the end of March 2021.

Meg Blumson

1 comment on “CCS: What Do You Value in Our Town?

  1. Patrick Coleman

    Albion Street as a whole, wonderful mix of house ages, styles and sizes. Not a conservation area but should be a NDHA.

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