Corinium Radio March 21

Limelight, Malcolm Lewis

I Never Knew That!

In last month’s article I shared with you four reasons why you might become a regular listener of Corinium Radio … now, I’m going to invite you to name FOUR shows that could make you say, “I remember that” or “I never knew that”. But I’m going to make it easy for you and tell you all about these four shows, all made by our wonderful volunteer Presenters!

First up, if you want a good story while you enjoy your cup of tea and biscuit, why not listen to TeaTime Tales with Pam Keevil. Each month, Pam reads her own stories featuring news items from the past and memories from those years when a slower pace of life was the norm. Working with her Producer, Chris, she brings these stories to life, inspiring the listener to say, “I remember that”.

Stage and Screen Shirley Teague

Limelight with Malcolm Lewis is a fabulous trip down memory lane. In this show, we are reminded to think fondly of the past which, Malcolm tells me, is the meaning of the word, limelight.  Each programme takes a different theme so you can sing along twice a month to new shows of 40s and 50s music and beyond, made possible with the help of another of our talented Producers, Alex.

Keep singing and tune in to Stage and Screen: Big and Small with Shirley Teague. Shirley has been entertaining our listeners for quite a few years now, taking you on a musical mystery ride, all courtesy of the big and small screen. Just what we need on these still dark nights!

The Missing LInk, Tony Nevin

And, if you want to blow away many of the urban myths that surround osteopathy, just listen to top osteopath Tony Nevin on The Missing Link. Acknowledged as the World’s First All Species Osteopath, Tony combines music and facts about animal and human osteopathy every month – did I hear someone say, “I never knew that”?

Don’t forget, you can listen to all these shows and more by clicking LISTEN AGAIN on www.coriniumradio.co.uk

Corinium Radio is an award-winning volunteer-led online community radio station, broadcasting from the heart of Cirencester.

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