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RECEIPT BANK + XERO = the ULTIMATE ACCOUNTING SOLUTION in this lock down world of ours!

As we (hopefully) head towards the easing of lock down restrictions in the coming months, it has made us here at The Numbercrunchers reflect on the past year and be even more grateful than usual for being a 100% Cloud based practice. No paperwork for our clients – everything is up there in the Cloud.

The software we use allows our clients to access their accounts 24/7, anywhere in the world, including Bolivia and Bali where some of our clients currently reside! In these troubled times, the reassurance of being able to access your figures, and knowing they are up to date and to be trusted, is invaluable in terms of both peace of mind and, of course, cash flow.

The capture of all the required accountancy data with the mere click of a button through Receipt Bank gives us all the data we need to process your receipts, with the virtual storage element of the software meeting HMRC’s requirement to keep records – so no more shoe boxes of paperwork!

If your suppliers email you their invoice, no need to damage the environment by printing it off – simply forward to your unique Receipt Bank email address, and the data is read accurately and swiftly, ultimately landing in your final accounts – quite nifty!

So, with everyone trying to keep their spirits up until life returns to normal, there is an obvious pun around cloud accounting and silver linings, so we hope many more take the golden opportunity of our bespoke accounting and bookkeeping services – and give us a call! The Numbercrunchers are always happy to advise clients and non-clients alike – Number Crunching is our thing!

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