Flourish With Fran – April 21

Seasonal eating for spring.

Spring is here!

The days are getting brighter and longer, and the warmer weather is approaching. The spring bluebells and daffodils are making an appearance on our daily walks. Who else is enjoying the chance to take pause in a spot of sunshine with a coffee when they can? Collectively, everyone seems more positive too, with the sun is shining, knowing we can wave goodbye to those dark winter days.

With spring, comes the change of seasonal produce. In the UK, we see a peak in fresh fruits and vegetables. Including artichokes, beetroots, bananas, carrots, cauliflower, fresh garlic, nettles, kale, kiwi fruits, new potatoes, parsnips, rhubarb, rocket, spinach, samphire, spring greens, spring onions, and watercress. Meat and Fish produce sees cockle, crab, lamb, lobster, prawns, salmon, sea trout, shrimp, white bait, and wood pigeon thrive.

New recipes come to light, spring chicken pies, roasted salmon, pea and mint soups, and rhubarb cheesecakes.  Breakfast ideas could include banana and egg pancakes or adding some sliced kiwi to your porridge. Try making a homemade pesto with fresh garlic or rocket in your blender, served with pasta! Add a twist to your dinners with roasted beetroots, fresh samphire, sea trout, and new potatoes.

Ensuring we eat a variety of dishes, keeps food interesting and helps us get a wide range of nutrients in our diets. Why don’t you challenge yourself to try a new ingredient and experiment in the kitchen?

Take a break this Easter

Easter is an amazing time of year for traditional tasty foods! Toasted hot cross buns, Simnel Cake (a flavourful cake with plenty of dried fruits and marzipan), eggs, roasted spring lamb, the variety of chocolates from mini eggs, chocolate bunnies, and Easter eggs!

Upgrade your expectations when it comes to toast.

Let yourself eat the foods you want! Food holds a lot of significance in our lives, both nutritionally and culturally. Food is our enjoyment! All food contains some nutrients too. Chocolate is a good source of iron, phosphorus, and magnesium. The flavanols (a chemical found in dark chocolate and cocoa powder) can help keep your circulation system functioning correctly. Yes, chocolate is high in energy, saturated fat, and sugar, so try to sit down and enjoy your chocolate when you eat it to fully appreciate how delicious it is and be mindful of how much you are consuming. It does not have to be eaten all in one go! Real eggs are a great source of selenium, zinc, vitamin D and protein. Why not enjoy a boiled egg with wholemeal toast, or an omelette with vegetables?

Francesca Vuolo

Enjoy the opportunity for a break. Whilst we are experiencing our second Easter lockdown, you could take the opportunity to try some Easter baking such as chocolate cereal egg nests, take part in some fun Easter arts and crafts, or try a new dinner recipe from your list over the Easter weekend. You could check out a new walking spot to meet your rule of 6 buddies. Or take advantage of the extra lie ins and catch up on a new TV series.

 Take this Easter as an opportunity to hit pause! Easter is just another weekend out of the year. It will pass, and one weekend will not make or break your health.

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